Authentic Menorcan country house

Malbúger Vell - Menorca
Camí de Baix, 3 
Llucmaçanes - Mahón

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mínimum 7 days, book 3 weeks in advance
Phone: +34678533507

"Un dilluns de molta vessa
Uns quants mos vam ajuntar
I a Malbúger vam anar
A menjar una llet espessa."
                                Cançò d'es sabaters - old song of the shoemakers

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Plane landing next to the old houses of Malbuger Vell

Plane landing at the old airport (now Aeroclub) next to the old houses of the farm. They were overthrown around 1954. Then the new current houses in Llucmaçanes were bought.

Cows with snow

Our lasts cows, one day with snow back in 2005.
Picture: Nando Borrás.